Articles in Business Publications

While Harvard Business Review is probably the preeminent management journal, there are others that command respect and have a substantial audience of senior business people. We have helped clients place articles in most of them. Here is a selection.

May 2017

In May 2017,'s Leadership section published "How A Billion Dollars Is Being Wasted In The War On Sugar," an article by our client Hank Cardello of the Hudson Institute. It was Cardello's 21st article since 2012. The Bloom Group has helped him with all of them.

October 2015

Bloom Group has assisted Brad Power, a Partner at advisory, educational, and research firm FCB Partners, publish many articles in many journals, including Here, in "How Coca-Cola Uses Entrepreneurs (and Keurig) to Jump-Start Innovation," Power reports on the company's arm's-length-yet-nurturing approach to start-ups, which enables it to incorporate innovation into its business processes without stifling it with process bureaucracy.

June 2014

Richard Kershaw is a Managing Director and leader in the Technology practice of FTI Consulting. In June 2014, the Bloom Group helped Kershaw publish an article in FTI Journal here, identifying the problem U.S. and European companies face when they try to collect information in Asia to comply with requests from their home regulators. 

Shortly after the FTI Journal article appeared, the Wall Street Journal published a commentary in its “Morning Risk Report” here focusing on the problem Kershaw identified, quoting him extensively.

May 2014

Robert Sher, who Bloom Group helped write and publish Mighty Midsized Companies, spun off a series of articles based on his book for In "How Midsized Companies Can Avoid Fatal Acquisitions," Sher discusses how dreams of growth-through-acquisition can turn into nightmares, and provides case examples of strategies midsized companies can employ to do a better job of sizing up opportunities.

January 2013

In September 2012, Tata Consultancy Services published the results of a major study into how companies are accommodating consumers who use mobile devices to do business with them (the so-called "Digital Mobile Consumer"). The report and its key findings were quickly picked up by the press across the globe.