Thought Leadership Strategy

Becoming recognized as thought leader requires synchronizing a number of moving parts in an organization: topics on which it has a point of view, their fit with the firm’s capabilities, marketing initiatives, and more. We help clients synchronize their thought leadership activities to change perceptions in the marketplace.

Thought Leadership Content Development

Compelling content is at the heart of gaining recognition for, and revenue from, your firm’s expertise. We have helped many firms convert their expertise into compelling points of view that clients and the broader market embrace. 

Thought Leadership Marketing

Great content must be seen by your clients in credible and educational channels. We turn your content into articles for top-tier management journals, presentations at leading conferences, blog posts in respected business publications, and more. 

Thoughts On Thought Leadership

The Bloom Group has researched and published on the topic of thought leadership since 1998. From this page you can access reams of material on every aspect of the topic, from strategy, through research and development, to marketing.

What Clients Say...

Robert Sher is founder and president of CEO to CEO, a San Francisco Bay-area consulting firm. Rob’s marketing activities, though extensive, were not generating enough leads.  In this video Rob talks about how we helped him become a recognized thought leader.

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Thought Leadership

We help professional services and other B2B firms become recognized as thought leaders on the issues they want to own in the marketplace. We help them do three things: establish an effective thought leadership strategy; develop exceptional content (by codifying field experience and conducting best-practice research); and place their content where their target customers will read it (e.g., Harvard Business ReviewForbesSloan Management Review and Financial Times).


In doing so, our clients become regarded as go-to firms and position themselves to command a premium versus their competitors. 

Mighty Midsized Companies: 

How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers

Rob Sher is a prominent coach to CEOs of midsized companies. Midsized companies don’t get a lot of attention from the big consultancies (they can’t pay their big fees), and therefore the subject of how best to manage and grow a midsized business generally has received short shrift. However, Sher’s new book for the leaders of midsized companies – Mighty Midsized Companies:  How Leaders Overcome the 7 Silent Growth Killers – was published in early September, and in a few weeks received over 65 overwhelmingly positive reviews on, here. The Bloom Group helped Sher construct and publish his book, and also helped promote it by assisting Sher in placing a series of blogs of about growing midsized companies and avoiding the inevitable pitfalls, here.  

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Recent Articles

Seemingly everyone wanted to be viewed as a thought leader in 2014. In the new year, we expect B2B companies, especially professional services firms, to try even harder to position themselves as experts in their domains. Toward that end, we'd like to see five things happen in 2015.

Surveys have an important role to play in thought leadership marketing. Done well, they create interest, credibility and leads and journalists will often report on them as they’re easy to turn into stories. Not done well they get no traction in the marketplace. Here are 10 rules to make sure yours are successful.

Multiple calls, rejected drafts, endless rewrites, spiraling costs, unhappy subject matter experts -- such is life for many marketing heads and directors of editorial when they try to have ghostwriters produce thought leadership content for professional services firms. Want to exit this circle of disappointment? The way out is right here.

Getting the structure of a thought leadership piece right can consume a lot of time and effort if you don’t begin with a framework or template. Here is our seven-step framework, the major sections and their approximate proportions.

You'd think consultants would embrace ghostwriters. Ghostwriters can help them to publish more often in less time with less effort. And internal marketers who know thought leadership builds business are all for it. But many consultants are averse to using ghosts. Why? We asked several, and we also asked for their ideas on how to fix the sometimes dysfunctional ghost-client ...

Harvard Business Review is inarguably the most prestigious management journal in the U.S., and to many people it seems a well-defended castle. We recently sat down with HBR editor-in-chief Adi Ignatius to find out what changes he has wrought at HBR and why, what he’s got up his sleeve for the future, and how one might scale those battlements.

Producing and disseminating good thought leadership – the kind that differentiates your firm from the competition – and getting it read is not simple. How does one impress upon a prospective buyer that maybe, just maybe, you know more than he does?

The growing number of online news sources has re-shaped traditional print publications and how news is gathered and published. One venerable business magazine, Forbes, has created a highly successful online version,, which includes articles from outside contributors in hundreds of business specialties. Over the last two years, the online magazine has...

Following the footsteps of professional services firms, companies in amny other sectors have recognized the power of seminal ideas that create order out of chaos, and are flooding the marketplace with their insights. This article explains how to make sure that those insights are good enough to capture the attention of prospects.

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